Fund Administration

We offer institutional asset management in the form of Fund/Scheme Administration Services to organizations. We utilize an integrated software system in the management of several portfolios for our clients.

Funds such as Employer-Sponsored (Pensions) Schemes, Mutual Funds, Welfare Schemes, Credit Unions, require the highest levels of data organisation, data protection, fund accounting and the best practices to ensure its members continue to trust the manager. That is what we offer to our fund administration clients.

We believe that the quality of fund administration cannot be downplayed as it contributes significantly to the fund’s success by ensuring:

The safety of the fund’s assets.

Accuracy in recording and tracking of contributions/deposits.

Proper documentation.

Timely acknowledgement of receipt of funds and prompt payment of withdrawals.

Timely and effective reporting of fund activities to clients, members and/or shareholders.

Why choose Petra to Administer your scheme/fund

Negotiable fees.

Your fund has access to world-class administration software and value-added services.

Accurate and timely reporting.

Best-in-class service levels.

Our professional administration saves you time and allows you to focus on other important responsibilities.

Transparency in the management of your fund.

Access to world-class customer service.

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